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Sunwest Minerals Inc. (SMI) was formed in 2000. Since its inception, SMI has been producing minerals, oil and gas. Additionally, SMI is a purchaser of oil and gas royalties. SMI does not engage in operations.  

SMIís strategy is to invest funds for purchasing producing properties that have additional exploitation and expansion of development.  SMI also invests funds in non-producing royalties and interests with the potential for imminent exploration and development. 

SMI targets the acquisition of royalty interest in areas that are exploratory and contain virgin reservoir possibilities. SMIís focuses in approved geological areas where it has been anticipated or it has determined exploitation for oil and gas development is about to take place. 

SMI works closely with oil and gas companies, who lease, drill, develop and operate properties with maximum efficiency.  SMIís operators have strong proven management skills in administration and field operations with proven track records and production histories. 

SMI continuously strives to increase its reserves by working along side other oil and gas exploration, development and production companies that have the knowledge, experience and vision to recognize the potential of exploratory and step-out prospects and projects to better improve and expand reserves.  

If you are an oil and gas exploration, development or production company interested in working with SMI, Click here to email us. 

Currently owned interest is in Texas and Oklahoma. Interests in Texas are concentrated in the Gulf coast, upper Gulf coast and south central regions, Districts 1, 2, 3 and 4. Interest in Oklahoma is in Lincoln County. 



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